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Biography (english version)

Graduate of the Ecole Nationale du Val Maubuée in 2001.
She exercises an in-depth research of various physical theatrical cultures by working clown as well as comic and mask (Balinese and Commedia dell'arte) with G. Segalen and S. Poncelet, then by learning about Nô and Kyôgen ( Japanese traditional theater).
She works the operatic(lyric) singing(song) with E. The bodhran ( percussion) with In Golgevit and. Morino.
She(It) practised the piano with J-C. Beyon and the sports dances with F. Lemoine (Demonstration in the French championships of 2002).

As an actress she approaches several types of theaters:

Boulevard (Ma Femme est parfaite of J. Barber - Théâtre des Nouveautés), 
Clown (Flip et Flop font leur cirque of K. Laleu - Comedie de la Passerelle), 
Café-Theater ( Yaourt Story of S. Jézéquel - Blancs-Manteaux), 
Street theater (L'Alb (o) um de Sophie, volume 1 d'après N. Renaude - Festival d'Aurillac), 
Musical theater (L'Amour Sorcier of M.De Falla and Passions Andalouses with L'Ensemble instrumental J-W. Audoli), 
Contemporary theater (Noyade Interdite - triptych of theater danced for vertical cooking) 
or still classic theater (she interprets feminine main roles of Pasiphaé of H. Of Montherlant, Othello of W. Shakespeare, Dom Juan of Molière, Phèdre of Racine).
She is also Mime to the National Opera of Paris and narrator in several orchestra.

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